1 Weird Trademark Strategy Large Companies Use

Strategies of Large Companies

I recently looked at the BUILD-A-BEAR trademark portfolio  and would like to share my thoughts on some good trademark strategies that they use. One trademark filing owned by BUILD-A-BEAR WORKSHOP, LLC, that I found was from 1996. It was for “IT’S A BEAR’S WORLD”. This trademark application was filed as an intent-to-use application, meaning that […]

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Breaking News- Design Patents Have Longer Term

Breaking News for Design Patents: Design patents now have a longer term and broader scope. 15 year term and up to 100 different designs in one application.  File fewer patents and $ave money! As of May 13, 2015, applicants from the United States of America can file design patent applications under the Hague Agreement Concerning the […]

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Will I need a change of heart?

I registered the domain name I received a cease-and-desist letter saying “hearts” is trademarked. Can someone trademark “hearts”? I have not put up a webpage or posted any content. Is it safe to proceed? Yes it is possible that someone has trademarked HEARTS, and sometimes companies have broad rights that surprise you, but there […]

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