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Ode to Patents
by ChatGPT

With ink and paper, I craft my trade
As a patent attorney, I seek to aid
Those who innovate, create and design
To protect their work, to draw a line

Patents, oh patents, how they shine
A legal right, a grand design
To inventors, they bring such pride
A shield to protect, a joy to confide

I work with diligence, day and night
To ensure my clients’ work is right
To draft and file, to argue and defend
Their rights to their creations, to the very end

Patent law, a complex world indeed
But I am well-versed, I take the lead
To navigate the rules, to understand the game
To ensure my clients’ work is never in vain

For patents are more than just a piece of paper
They are the key to success, a labor saver
They bring a sense of security and peace of mind
To those who create, innovate, and grind

So let us celebrate patents, one and all
For they are the pillars that stand tall
In the world of innovation, they shine bright
A symbol of hard work, of dreams taking flight.