Privacy Policy

This website collects information about visitors, including through third-party services. Most of these third-party services have their own “opt out” methods, which I recommend if you care about your privacy on the Internet. In general, I use these third-party services to make this website better, receive email from you, talk to you on social media, and promote my legal services.

When I have an particularly insightful moment, I will use whatever data I collect for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in this privacy policy. After all, that is why I use these third parties to collect data: to gain insight on how visitors use and respond to the website. If I change this policy, I will update this page.

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I use MailChimp for email newsletter. If you don’t want to receive automated email, you can unsubscribe from any email. If you have trouble, you are welcome to contact me.

Because I do not collect data directly, it is very unlikely that law enforcement would request data from me directly. They would be more likely to request it directly from these third parties, who have compliance departments that specialize in responding to law enforcement subpoenas. If law enforcement made a request; I would act in accordance with my legal duties.

Of course, this policy only applies to my website. As a lawyer, I have specific legal and ethical obligations (for example, the attorney/client privilege ) related to my client’s information. Any of those obligations will override this privacy policy, of course.