Trade Secrets and Confidential Business Information

Does your business have a secret?

You might not have a secret recipe, or a secret sauce, but you should have procedures and policies that tell your employees how you consistently deliver great value to your customers.
You should also have a list of customers and contacts for your business.
Would you hand these over to your competitor if they asked?
These valuable pieces of information are recognized as trade secrets, if they are properly protected. If they are not properly protected, then once you have clearly demonstrated to your competition that you have a better product or service than they do, your competitor will find a way to take your information.
The easiest way for your competitor to LEGALLY take your valuable information is to hire your key employees who have that knowledge.  To close this obvious path for your competitors you must have strong and enforceable agreements with your key employees, and you need a system that keeps information confidential.
We help businesses protect their marketing plans, product development plans, customer lists, inventions, processes and other valuable information.
We help you design a system with contracts and security procedures to keep your secrets, secret.
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