Authorship and Copyright


Books, videos, software, pictures, training material and other documentation are a valuable part of many businesses.

To make sure your business retains this value you will need to know if your business owns the copyright.
In some cases the contractor or the employee who created the book, video or other material is the owner.  The default in copyright law is for the author to be the owner of the copyright.
To make sure your business investment stays in your business you need the proper contracts and agreements with your employees and contractors.
Important questions to consider are:
    Who owns the content for your website?
    Do you have permission to use all of the pictures, videos, and drawings that are on your website and in your materials?
    If your business model is to sell copies of the content you create such as software, books, videos, pictures, drawings, or sculptures, do you own all of the content  contained in your materials?
    Have you developed software? Who is the owner of the copyright?  Was open source content used, and if so was it documented?  What are the requirements to use the open source software as part of your code?  Are you complying with the terms of open source agreements?
    What copyright licenses do you have from others?  What software licenses do you need and do you have?
    When you sell software you will need to consider whether you are licensing a copy or selling the rights to the software.  For a license, what limitations do you put on that license.  How are your customers alerted to the terms of the license, and will those terms be enforceable in court?
    If someone is copying your software or material without permission, what options do you have to make them stop and make them pay?
    At Inspired Idea Solutions Law Firm we work with business owners, programmers, authors and artists to handle all of your copyright needs.  We help you find the solutions that will protect your business, and help you grow your business.  We will help you protect, license, sell and enforce your copyrights.
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